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* The Secrets of Frozen-age beauty

 "The world of Phyto Enzyme"

* King of Detoxification

  Radish Phyto Enzymes

* Jiang Ning Suan 

  safeguard cardio-cerebral system

  nemesis of cholesterol

   boost up immunity 

​* Ginger

   women deserve to be pampered

* Unexpected extraordinary result from slimming course - Womb tumour vanished


Kesihatan Hidup Edition 166-4

Healthy Life Edition- 210

* Less suffering effect in chemo-therapy for lympha cancer


Mingguan Kesihatan Edition 335

Healthy Life Edition 175-1

* Upon consuming the Millennium products cramps on Reddish Child Yong Wen Sin vanished


Mingguan Kesihatan Edition 234

New Life Post Edition 3234

Mingguan Kesihatan Edition 274

Kesihatan Hidup Edition 168

* Consuming slimming products may cause disaster. Warning!!


Mingguan Kesihatan Edition 250-6

Mun Sang Poh Month July

Healthy life Month July-August

Kesihatan Hidup Edition 167-5

* Frequent visitor to operating theatre regains health from Millennium products


​Kesihatan Hidup Edition 152

* Fiber drink saves a stroke patient


Mingguan Kesihatan Edition 224-12

* Forehead tumour removed


​Kesihatan Hidup Edition 17

* 50 years chronic piles (hemorrhoids) cured by 3rd generation health food.


Mingguan Kesihatan Edition 242

Mingguan Kesihatan Edition 370​

Kesihatan Hidup Edition 154

* Miracle of Iridology illnesses diagnose from eyeball. Modern people need enzymes.


Mingguan Kesihatan Edition 341​

Kesihatan Hidup Edition 176

* May D Millennium's Enzymes create perfect women


Mingguan Kesihatan Edition 574-8

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