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Talk By Professional

1997 Nobel Biochemical Award – Dr Bo Yi Er


Enzymes likes the money for body cells, no enzyme means no life. 


Japan – Dr Teng Ben Da Shan Lang


Enzymes help in maintain healthy of our body skins.


Dr Nutrition – Dr Yang Nai Yen


Food enzymes are the best gift from nature, it helps to balance our body systems in a state of harmony, improve our overall health, stay away from diseases.


1997 Nobel Biochemical Award Presenter – Dr Lim Ming Zhao


‘Insufficient of enzymes cause effectiveness on treatment and health care drop’. Insufficient of enzymes in our body cause nutrition, medicine, sport, qigong effectiveness drop.


Japan Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary medicine – Dr Da Yuan Jiu You


Human being, living organisms, animals, plants able to survive due to present of  form human body. When infected by diseases, with the healing power of enzymes. The present of enzymes, able to activate 60 trillion of body cells which produce out healthy cells, maintain the normal metabolize process.


Taiwan Institute Of Food Science And Technology University – Dr Lee Jin Feng


Enzymes is a kind of protein, it is non living things, cannot be reproduced, but it is the basic of life. Absent of enzymes, living things cannot survive, thus, how to get and utilize the enzymes, link together with our healthy and life. To investigate the source of life activities of animals and plants, all are about enzymes. The theory of ‘’Enzymes can sustain life’’ becomes the conclusion of life sciences. Thus, the origin of life is enzyme. 


TOKYO YAKULT SWALLOWS Medical Adviser – Dr Ji Shong Jun – medical professional 


As a sport adviser, I had tried to use enzymes to increase the stamina of athlete, the effect was amazing, especially on marathon athlete. Besides that, the average lifespan has increased, but not all people able to have long lifespan and good health together. Based on the data collected by Ministry of Health and Welfare, about 50% of those more than 50 years old people are suffering with diseases, they having long lifespan, but their activities are being dominated, this cause them loss the happiness and meaningless on having long lifespan. To having a healthy and long lifespan, knowledge on healthy food and healthy life style are emphasized by public. While, enzymes become the additional nutrition for modern people who usually meet nutritional deficiency problem, enzymes are high value food.


America Academic of Natural Therapy – Dr Shambote.Steve 


​I am a doctor, in healing process, enzymes can be the basic of treatment or health care. Now I realize enzyme is the answer that I am finding. People usually consume 100% cooked foods, digestive system needs to secrete a lot of enzymes, cause digestive organs increase in size, and due to insufficient of produced enzymes, the storage enzymes in human body organs are used, thus increased the body metabolism process. If we able to consume enzymes from external resources, our body storage enzymes won’t be finished, balance our body metabolism process. This is what we need to do daily to maintain a healthy life.


What is enzymes?


Enzymes are mainly proteins, that catalyze (i.e., increase the rates of) chemical reactions. Although it is an invisible microorganism, but it able to break down protein, vitamin and mineral. No matter it is a tear, a form of saliva or a drop of blood, there is an exist of enzyme. Almost all processes in a biological cell need enzymes to occur at significant rates. Since enzymes are selective for their substrates and speed up only a few reactions from among many possibilities, the set of enzymes made in a cell determines which metabolic pathways occur on that cell. 

Therefore , enzymes has been named as a healthy source of life and it is a fountain of life .










Production and Fermentation Process



Prepare and wash the fruit, vege and flower










Place into the Ceramic Urn together with seed and peel


Select yeast depend on different type of enzymes 


In first stage of fermentation, add yeast into ceramic urn and ferment for 40 days


In first stage of fermentation, it will become liquid with alcohol content


Put in yeast for futher fermentation


In second stage of fermentation, It will become vineger. Next, pour into a big ceramic urn and stir uniformly until all mixed together


Third stage of fermentation, put more stronger yeast for further ferment and purifying the enzymes


A pure enzymes form after filtrate


Pass various examination and analysis of drug

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