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"A healthy body, a slim physique, a fairer skin and brighter complexion is very much all about executing Yin Yang principle wonderfully "

"Every one deserve a healthy body and beautiful skin"

"Create natural and chemical free product"


Mr. Lim Seng Hoe had been involved in health product world for over 30 years. He acquired his health concept through the involvement in health field for many years. Besides being motivator and health talk speaker, he had been health advisor and regional manager for many companies.


In certain year, he gave health talk throughout the country above 600 sessions and he discovers the important of the purity and nature of health product. He dedicated his time and shares his invaluable health knowledge with needy patients. He is well-versed with marketing strategies and office management, as well as health maintenance and health product concepts.


Many do not know that the imbalance of enzymes in our bodies, or known as a disturbance in the balance of Yin Yang and five agents as stated by Chinese medical theory, will result in adverse effects if the physiques of consumers are incompatible with the enzymes consumed. In the health supplement product industry, rarely the principle of Yin Yang has been used and utilized.


Mr. Lim strongly advocated, “Complementing the Yin physique with Yang therapy and vice versa while introducing a tailor made enzyme therapy to the neither Yin nor Yang, the Exclusive”.




to establish the May D marketing is to gather the strength of all agents to prepare themselves to generate a bigger mission ahead.




The right  CONCEPTS

in business, education and health, in addition to mutual respect, mutual interest and mutual benefits, it is wished that we could work and grow together towards building a great healthy environment.





in the abstract is aiming at attaining the stage of level as follow: “Life is precious! But the art of staying alive is beyond price!



All  people have the opportunity to recognize and use the high quality, pure & active enzyme.

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