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The From years of research, scientists have confirmed the vital role of enzymes in human health. If you are lack of digestive enzymes, nutrients cannot be fully absorbed and even the effects of taking medicines or doing sports will be affected. Modern people may not aware that we are having the common problems. Aging, stress and tension, eating cooked and processed food, having fever or sick, over-exercising, chronic diseases, drinking coffee or other stimulating drinks, all these will cause the lack of enzymes in our bodies. Depletion of the enzyme supply caused by eating mainly cooked foods, resulting in getting frequent cold and fever.




Lack of Enzymes

Latest research findings demonstrated that lack of enzymes is the first killer among all health problems. After 50 years of research, Dr. Howell concluded from the findings from more than 700 institutions across the world, that total number of people being killed by “lack of enzymes” has exceeded the sum of HIV, cancer, heart diseases, diabetics and accidents. “Shortage of enzymes or destroy of enzymes in the body will create all kinds of problems: aging, interruption of life processes, gene mutation, unknown diseases, abnormal metabolism, digestive disorders, etc. We should take it seriously as lacking of enzymes will bring devastating effects to our bodies.

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