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All our product are

in nature, ethically created and fermented with pure and natural plant without any additives, perservatives and coloring.

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Li Shi Zhen compendium of materia medica stated white radish is king of vegetable. Thus, Ancient people take white radish as detoxification health care main choice. 


​Legend of White Radish:


​Ming Dynasty, Li Shi Zhen  Promote radish as the main food for each meal.

Compendium of Materia Medica Radish able to remove gastric gas, remove internal heat.

​Yuan Dynasty Poem State Radish after cooked are sweet like taro and raw crisp pear. A good product for old and sick people.​


Natural white carrot plant’s biochemical factor

Mustard Oil
Metabolism of fatty substances, prevent accumulate of fat under the skin, inhibit abnormal cell division, inactivate cancel cells, promote secretion of  saliva and gastric juice, improve appetite, help in digestion, detoxification, antioxidant, prevent hypertension, cardiovascular disease, lower the viscosity of blood.

Digestive enzyme
Breakdown large molecules, help in nutrient absorption, improve appetite, promote digestion, prevent get cough and phlegm.

Activate body cells, destroy cancer cells, antioxidant, prevent bacteria produce cancer substances in intestine.

Mineral Zinc
Improve immune system, growth, appetite, reproductive system, protect skin health.
Mineral Calcium

Amount of calcium content in each 300g has 210g, 4 times more than same amount of spinach (55g),

Vitamin C 
Antioxidant, prevent aging, arteriosclerosis, inhibit production of cancer substance like nitrite, increase production of white blood cells, help in combination of amino acid, prevent formation of black stain, keep the skin white and tender, delay aging. 


Vitamin A 
Protect and improve eye sight, insufficient of vitamin A will cause night blindness. Regulate the function of bone marrow in production of blood cells.  Main cause of Anemia is lack of vitamin A.



Volume: 520ml/bottle


​Packaging: Glass Bottle


Store: keep in shade place


Suitable for: All people


Ingredient: White Radish, Yeast Probiotic



Flavour, thickness and colour of the Phyto Enzymes Drink might vary slightly different as a result of seasonal changes of plants. Floating or precipitate element is resulted from natural fermentation process.

Product Info

Consume Method

Before or after having meal, drinks 20ml of white radish enzyme with 40ml of warm water or juice.​​​

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