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in nature, ethically created and fermented with pure and natural plant without any additives, perservatives and coloring.

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may d jiang ning suan PHYTO ENZYMES DRINK

​May D JiangNingSuan Phyto Enzyme is produced through a prolonged 500-day-triple-fermentation process, using 100% natural and novel technology. After the triple fermentation using high quality yeast and probiotics, all vitamins and Phyto Enzymes are turned into essence containing smallest molecules and activated compounds, accelerating absorption into our body system. 


Black Garlic has gone through 60-90 days of fermentation process in a fermentation box. Food analysis report showed that its amino acid level is 2.5 times higher than normal Garlic. Its anti-aging and anti-oxidant activities are 39 times higher. Black Garlic also possesses extraordinary effects in lowering blood pressure, lipid and glucose levels.

Although Ginger, Lemon, Garlic and Black Garlic are having wide range of health care effects, but human body may not be able to absorb its entire nutrient when consuming freshly. But cooking processes will damage the phyto enzymes and nutrients significantly.


Ancient doctrines recorded that “having ginger in all seasons, keeps all illnesses away”, “taking 3 slices of ginger in the morning, better that drinking Ginseng soup”. Research showed that ginger is mild and containing Curcumin, Gingerols & Ginger volatile oil. Ginger promotes blood circulation, accelerating vascular dilation, inhibits accumulation of platelets, stimulates gastric secretions, activates intestines, promotes digestion, prevents liver/ gall stone formation and also promotes sweating and warms the body. As for women, the special spicy property of the ginger is ideal for uterus heath and confinement care.

Lemon contains Vitamin C, citric acid, high in Sodium and low in Potassium. Lemon is mild, helps to relieve the thirst and produce saliva, dispels the heat and prevents miscarriage, promotes circulation, strengthens stomach, relieves pain, promotes urination, prevents cardiovascular atherosclerosis and dilates the bloods.

Garlic can promote blood circulation and eliminate toxins, increase immunity, anti-aging, enhance brain functions and intelligence, microbes killing and anti-inflammation properties. American medical researchers discovered that Garlic can also lowering the blood cholesterol level and prevent arteriosclerosis, it is the best medicine for prevention of heart diseases and high blood pressure. On the other hand, in fermented Garlic (Black Garlic), proteins are broken down into amino acids, carbohydrates into oligosaccharides, retains completely all the Garlic amino acids in Garlic.  




Volume: 520ml/bottle


​Packaging: Glass Bottle


Store: keep in shade place


Suitable for: All people


Ingredient: Ginger, Lemon, White Garlic, Black Garlic,Yeast Probiotic



Flavour, thickness and colour of the Phyto Enzymes Drink might vary slightly different as a result of seasonal changes of plants. Floating or precipitate element is resulted from natural fermentation process.

Product Info

Consume Method

​Before or after having meal, drinks 20ml of  JNS enzyme with 40ml of warm water or juice.​

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