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Skin care product are formulated with natural plant extract, flower enzymes essence and pure essential oil.

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beauty zyme


A powerful moisturizer that helps sensitive and dry skin to obtain its moisture level back into balance thus reduces sensitivity and dryness.  A strong blend of various flower oils giving it a maximum efficiency and soothing effect, making the skin looks more radiant and feels smooth and supple.




Portulaca Oleraces Extract


- Anti-oxidant, anti-aging

- Scars and Blemishes

- Brightens Complexion

- Reduces Skin Irritation



Sodium Hyaluronate

- Skin becomes more hydrated

- Smooth and supple skin

- Anti-wrinkle


Chamomile Oil


- Ideal for problematic skin

- Calm and soothe the skin






After cleansing, gently apply gel mask over the face evenly, leave on for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Use twice or thrice weekly. If the skin is extremely dry, use daily.





Volume: 50ml/bottle


Packaging: Acrylic Bottle


Product Form: Gel 


Store: keep in shade place. Avoid Sunlight


Suitable for: All skin type




Product colour may change due to the natural characteristic of ingredient in the product.



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