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All our product are

in nature, ethically created and fermented with pure and natural plant without any additives, perservatives and coloring.

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may d fiber sachet

“Many diseases begin from bowels.” The unclean bowels are seedbed for diseases. Long term constipation will lead to the accumulation of feces attached on bowel and cause  intestine, blood, blood vessels, cells and organ suffer from contamination. Millennium Fiber Sachet has been universally acknowledged as a natural colon cleansing drink.


May D Millennium has produced the 3rd generation of healthcare products with the complete cleansing formula. Drinking May D Fiber Sachet, including May D Phyto Enzymes Drink, May D Phyto Enzymes Drink (36 Vegetables) and May D Alfafa Chlorophyll, will be the beginning for healthcare ----cleansing your bowels and blood, make your skin fare and your figure slim.

The colon cleansing products:

1st generation:         Stimulation and diarrhea (laxative).
2nd generation:        Bowels cleansing and detoxifying (high fiber).
3rd generation:         Bowels and blood cleansing, make your skin fare and your figure slim (the complete cleansing formula for 21st century).




Volume: 7gm x 30 sachet/ box


​Packaging: Box


Store: Keep in shade place


Suitable for: All people


Ingredient: High fiber fruit, alfalfa chlorophyll & enzymes




Consume Method

Product Info

Dissolve 1 or 2 sachet in 500ml water, shake it until dissolve, finish the drink within short period.

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