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All our product are

in nature, ethically created and fermented with pure and natural plant without any additives, perservatives and coloring.

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may d Alfalfa Concentrated Chlorophyll

Alfalfa is known as ' king of herbs ', it is one of the earliest human understanding of herbs. ​The name “Medicago Salvia” was introduced from Arabia several centuries ago, meaning “the father of food”. It contains a lots of mineral substances and nutritional values, so it remains as an important food until this century. The name “Chlorophyll” was derived from Greece, meaning “green leaves”. Its particle exists in the chloroplast----a small substance in the plant cell. Its molecule structure is quite similar to that of human’s red blood cell. So it is called “green blood”.


The plant, Alfalfa is the one enrich with mineral, which is known in nature. The liquid extracted from it, is good to use while fasting because of its chlorophyll and nutrient content.


May D Chlorophyll which is formulated with chlorophyll and mint, have these 



a. purifying

b. Inhibit bacterial growth and promoting oral health

c. promote youth, fitness

d. enhance physical strength and promote cell regeneration ability


May D Alfafa Chlorophyll is recommended for:

- Poor health condition or acidic blood;
- Acid constitution;
- Inflammation in the urethra or bladder;
- Internal heat within the system;
- Poor liver function;
- Poor appetite or indigestion;
- Infected skin or skin diseases;
- Torpid hands and feet and migraine caused by poor blood circulation



Store: keep in shade place


Suitable for: All people 


Volume: 500ml/bottle


​Packaging: Plastic Bottle



Product Info

Consume Method

Mixed May D alfalfa concentrated chlorophyll with water. Stir before drink. 

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