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Skin care product are formulated with natural plant extract, flower enzymes essence and pure essential oil.

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ginger Phyto enzymes


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Ginger phyto enzyme essence is made up by using the high quality ginger with special & unique cultivation and brewing process. The essence molecules are small, active which can penetrate into the epidermis within the skin. User will feel a significant effect which is slightly warm and comfortable after apply.


A natural solution for the skin antioxidants to protect skin from free radical and environment damage, remove spot and improve skin tones.



​​Specification :​​


- enhance effectiveness as a foundation with other skin care product

- high assimilation, pore shrinking effect

- orally consumable

​- activates cell

- 100% natural plant extracts

- high decomposition rate





Spray on palm and applied directly on skin, stomach or infected area. Massage and pat gently.





Volume: 50ml/bottle


​Packaging: Glass Spray Bottle


Product Form: Liquid 


Store: keep in shade place. Avoid Sunlight


Suitable for: Dry skin




Product colour may change due to the natural characterictic of ingredient in the product.



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