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All our product are

in nature, ethically created and fermented with pure and natural plant without any additives, perservatives and coloring.

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Ginger Phyto Enzymes has go through triple fermentation process with raw live ginger and its vitamin biochemical nutrient are fermented into essence which in small molecules.


​Chinese Medicine 【 herbs 】acrid, warm: help in lung, spleen, stomach


Ancient Medical Books stated:

Ancient time, Confucius have a habit which take ginger as basic needed.

​Su Dong Bou “diseases” records, temple “Qian Tang Jing Ci Shi” has a monk who about 80 years old, face and skin like baby as the result from consume ginger for 40years.

​Nan Song Zhu Xi “lun yu ji zhu” record, ginger able to prevent clogging, refreshing and unobstructed blood vessel.

​Li Shi Zhen “Compendium of Material Medical” Ginger, can be make as vegetables, fruit, or medicine.

​Bei Song Wang An Shi: “ Ginger can improve immune system and not susceptible to illness


Natural Phytochemical in Ginger:


Inhibit cyclooxygenase 2 (COX2). Cyclooxygenase-2 will bring arthritis, inflammation and cell cancer. Cellular self-destruction occur to prevent angiogenesis, stop cancer cell proliferation. Inhibition of platelet accumulation, prevent stroke.

Accelerate the heart beat - vascular dilation, accelerate blood flow, amount of sweat increases, get rid the body from excess heat, detoxification, antioxidant, anti-free radicals, prevent aging, spot removers, etc…

It moderately stimulate the body, lower blood pressure, promote blood circulation, relieve cardiovascular disease. It activates the stomach and internal organs, achieve sweating and increase appetite purpose.



Volume: 520ml/bottle


​Packaging: Glass Bottle


Store: keep in shade place


Suitable for: All people


Ingredient: Ginger, Yeast Probiotic



Flavour, thickness and colour of the Phyto Enzymes Drink might vary slightly different as a result of seasonal changes of plants. Floating or precipitate element is resulted from natural fermentation process.

Product Info

Consume Method

Before or after having meal, drinks 20ml of live ginger enzyme with 40ml of warm water or juice.​

Drink Ginger Phyto Enzymes before exercise to promote blood circulation.

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