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Skin care product are formulated with natural plant extract, flower enzymes essence and pure essential oil.

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FLOWER Phyto enzymes


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Flower Phyto Enzymes, an essence of enzymes produced by fermenting 7 type of flowers for special 500 days formulated process. Fermentation process has been approved by U.S Food & Drug Administration. Its small molecules can penetrate into skin cells directly to activate it.



Rose - Anti wrinkle, moisturizing the skin, promote blood circulation, improve skin                 tone, blood antibacterial anti-inflammatory, reduced acne

Lily - Rosy, delicate skin, smooth

Jasmine - Improve skin elasticity, skin beauty

Lavender - Treat acne, promote cell regenerating. Treat skin burns or inflammation,                        accelerate wound healing

Pumpkin flower - Solve inflammation abscess

Luffa blossom - Skin whitening, clearing spots

Butterfly Ginger - Repair skin, remove skin aging, softening skin


Specification :


- enhance effectiveness as a foundation with other skin care product

- high assimilation, pore shrinking effect

- orally consumable

- activates cell

- 100% natural plant extracts

- high decomposition rate


Suitable for :


Skin conditions - Oily, roughness, peeling and hardening of skin, skin tinea, hand eczema with its pore shrinking, whitening, wrinkle, other skin conditions like chloasma, acne, cracked heel-skin, clavus, itchy and sensitive skin and helps to kill bacteria


Treating wounds - Scald, frostbite, cut, healing of wound, removes wound odour

Condition of mouth - Pain of gum, ulcers of mouth and tongue

Children - Reddish sudamen,rashes

Women -  Pruritus vulva, genital odour



Spray on palm and applied directly on skin or infected area. Massage and pat gently. Apply with other moisturizers and nourishing cream.


If no apply with other skin care products, after cleansing, spray on pump and apply directly on skin, massage and pat gently until completely absorbed, then apply again for moisturizers purpose.





Volume: 50ml/bottle


​Packaging: Glass Spray Bottle


Product Form: Liquid 


Store: keep in shade place. Avoid Sunlight


Suitable for: Oily skin




Product colour may change due to the natural characterictic of ingredient in the product.



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